Hifikids is learning platform highly focused on K-12 education where it engages kids as well as parents and provide detailed feedback in real-time when children are learning. It empowers parents who do not have idea about what their children are learning in the school or what they are supposed learn each year and provides day-to-day concepts for daily revisions so that kids are absolutely prepared for the school year. All our learning materials are extremely easy to understand and they come right in the email where parents can revise with their children where ever they are.

Hifikids was founded by Tushar Sayankar, a technologist, entrepreneur, and father of two, based in Gurnee, IL. Previously, Sayankar worked in companies like Motorola  and lead world class projects. Sayankar s joined by his partners Jordan Whitehurst who comes from business development background and Tjin Wong who is Mobile App Developer.

While growing kids, Sayankar realized that he does not get enough insight about what his children are learning in the school. So to make sure they are grasping basic Math, Science and Language Art skills, he started finding some platform where he could create simple quizzes to easily test his kids but could find any easy to use platform. He went ahead and created his own simple platform where he could quickly create quizzes and give it to his kids. And realized that this platform could help all the parents who are in the same boat and HiFiKids Learning platform was born.

HiFiKids is headquartered in Des plaines, IL. HiFiKids SAT Practice classes are being conducted at various Park Districts around Chicago.

It is possible! We are currently seeking savvy parents to help us grow nationwide through our Practice Tests programs at the park districts. Please contact your local Park Districts and send us email at info@hifikids.com.


Our curriculum is being designed for 1st grade to 12th grade. Currently we conduct SAT practice tests which in onsite program for 9 weeks and students need to come to our centers located in the park districts.

Hifikids has online courses for 1st grade to 4th grade where courses are purely designed for Moms and Dads to get engaged in their child’s learning. 5th grade to 12th grade courses are combinations of  parents and kids engagement. All our practice tests happen onsite in the designated centers mostly at the local park districts.

Our courses are designed to help parents and children upto 12th grade and we become your learning partner throughout K-12.

Absolutely yes for onsite practice test! But it is not necessary.

We conduct practice tests at your local park districts and all our centers are highly secured public facilities.

Hifikids centers comfortably accommodate up to 30 students at a time, with some local variation. Please check with a nearby center for details.

Rates are set by our park districts partners. Please check our center for pricing information.

Moms and Dads both want their children to educate and build their future. However, building future needs solid foundation of learning and without parents involvement, foundation is not possible. So we designed all our courses for the parents who can make sure their children are learning what they are supposed to at their grade level. Joining our courses means building future for for your kids.

Schools are great and every child must go to the school. They teach life skills, music, games, physical activities, leadership qualities, team work and so on. However to build a future in certain fields like Math, Science, Language Art, Medicine, Technology, Computers and so on, our child must build a basic foundation of learning skills where parents can help on day-to-day learning activities very naturally when they exactly know what concepts to revise with them. And this is where we become your daily learning partner.

No. Our courses are designed to make learning very easy for you and your child. We send daily material in your email and you exactly know what to talk and what concepts to revise with your children. No need to use computer or smartphone for day-to-day learning activities. Smartphones are needed only when you want your children to attend quiz to understand where they stand.

Our curriculum is designed to align with your children’s school curriculum or state’s curriculum in the subjects like Math, Science, Language Art, Social Science and so on. We become your partner to help make sure your children are building basic foundation to build solid future for their career.

Yes. For the course where we conduct onsite practice tests at your park districts, we expect your child to carry their own smart phone.

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