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25 May

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You homeschool your kids because you think it’s important to be interactive in their education, right?

Sometimes homeschooling can be hard. You as a homeschool mom deal with the pressure of picking a good curriculum for them to learn by, you deal with social pressures, and you balance assigning projects and assignments based on their level while you want to push them so that they learn more. You’re invested in your child’s education more than any teacher would be, and you work harder than most teachers because you are not just their teacher but their principal, their administrator, and their school councilor. Great job, mom!

But HiFi Kids is here to make your job a little easier. HiFi Kids can help your kids practice for their studies, meet like-minded friends, and to prepare for standardized tests in the future.

Practice Makes Perfect
Homework is one way of making your student practice, and you might find this difficult to get your kids to do. You might have to bribe and cajole, leveraging chores and allowance around homework responsibilities. But homework isn’t the only way for your student to practice his or her new found skills.

In the job world, your student will recognize that he or she has to practice these skills through action. HiFi Kids provides action through quizzes. All users of HiFi Kids (parents, teachers, students) can create quizzes with the intention of honing students’ skills. So you as a homeschool mom can not sign your kids up with HiFi Kids to have them take quizzes for practice, but you can sign up with HiFi Kids and build quizzes with the intention of your kids using that quiz.

Interested in building your own quizzes? This offers great flexibility because you can build a quiz in any subject or content area, and then your work is done. The quiz automatically grades the student, instead of you grading papers. And if you are working with other homeschooling families, you can work together with other homeschool moms to create quizzes that you all can test your kids on. Take turns building quizzes and have all of the kids take those quizzes. That way, they’re interacting with one another, and they’re practicing for their classes.

Socialize With Social Educational Networking
When your kids aren’t going to a public school every day and missing the opportunity to associate with almost a hundred people (depending on your region or nearby school), you feel social pressure. How are your kids going to learn social cues for the “real world”? You feel the pressure to make connections for your kids so that they can meet as many different kind of people as possible so that when they have jobs and families as adults, they’ll be prepared. But how do you do that?

At HiFi Kids, socializing is easier now than ever before. Instead of other social media sites that involve kids distracting from their studies with computer games, HiFi Kids builds relationships through their studies. Students quiz each other as a means of social interaction, so your kids can meet other kids who are interested in the same school subjects and ideally can support each other in their studies.

Appreciate and be Appreciated
You work really hard: wouldn’t it be nice to be appreciated for your hard work? HiFi Kids has an Appreciate feature which allows your friends, your kids, and your peers to Appreciate your hard work. Instead of merely being friends on HiFi Kids, your peers can say that “You are awesome”, “You are stupendous”, “You are great”, and other nice things that you might hear on a day you need it.

As a teacher, you can likewise award Appreciations for a quiz well-taken. This boosts self-esteem and students are likely to perform better.

Match With Your Curriculum
There are several different kinds of curricula for home schooling. No matter which curriculum you’ve selected, you can use HiFi Kids to match it. The quizzes and the scores from the quizzes quickly match into whatever grading scale you’ve created, matching HiFi Kids into a beneficial aid instead of just one more outside accessory.

Prep for SAT
Public schools, charter schools, and home schools alike have the same expectation for their students: if the student wants to get into a good college, he/she has to take the SATs. HiFi Kids offers an SAT prep class online that allows your student to get started on learning the syllabus as early as he or she is ready. In fact, your student may not plan on taking the SAT test until a senior in high school, though he or she can start learning as a freshman in high school. Way to plan!

Most homeschooled moms will send their kids to an SAT prep class offered at the public school for one whole Saturday before the test. This is a stressful environment for the student, being corralled into a cafeteria (or some such large space) with sometimes hundreds of students, not being allowed questions, cramming for the SATs all day, in a high-pressure, uncomfortable space.

If your student took the SAT prep class through HiFi Kids, however, students could study in the most comfortable environment: his or her home. On a computer, on an iPad, on a smartphone –whatever comfortable medium your student prefers, he or she can sit on the couch, on a bed, or in a chair to study with a low-stress, self-paced environment, free for any modifications that would make your student as relaxed as possible. Studies show that if students are more relaxed when studying, they are less likely to experience text anxiety, and therein will perform better. Doesn’t that sound like a better alternative?

Need a GED?
According to most homeschool curriculums, your student doesn’t get a high school diploma when he/she is done with homeschooling. In fact, in several states, if your homeschool curriculum does provide a high school diploma, that state still requires that your student also take the GED exam.

The GED prep class is often offered at the community college level, but you may not want your students associating with troubled students who were high school dropouts or who have been court-ordered to finish their education. Instead, consider the GED prep class at HiFi Kids. Your kids will get the same if not better quality education than they would at the community college level, and they can take the class from the comfort of their own home.

A relaxed, comfortable, happy student is a student who is going to perform better on any standardized test, so why not sign your kids up at HiFi Kids to ensure their best chance?

As a mom, you have to make many choices, but as a homeschooling mom that you have more choices. Save yourself some time, energy, and stress by creating a profile for yourself and your kids at HiFi Kids. In no time, you’ll see that this was the right choice.

Contact the founder of HiFiKids.com Mr. Tushar Sayankar for any questions at support@hifikids.com.



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